Interdrought 2020 is the sixth international congress (IDVI) of the Interdrought series that seeks to find solutions to increase agricultural and water productivity in a hotter and drier world.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the digital platform for the sixth Interdrought Congress (IDVI), which facilitates the development of concepts, methods and technologies associated with plant production in water-limited environments. Droughts affect crop production across the world. A central challenge for researchers and policymakers is to devise technologies that lend greater resilience to agricultural production under this particular environmental stress. This congress addresses the latest developments relevant to this global challenge

As it was not possible to proceed with the IDVI Congress as a face-to-face meeting in Mexico City in March 2020 due to travel restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the organising committee has developed this digital platform to deliver the scientific program to registrants and other interested parties. The presentations deliver the state of the science on this topic. We hope you find them informative and useful. We thank the sponsors of IDVI for maintaining their support for this process.

IDVI builds on the successful series of Interdrought congresses in Montpellier 1995, Rome 2005, Shanghai 2009, Perth 2013, Hyderabad, 2017. IDVI embraces the philosophy of presenting and integrating results of both applied and basic research towards the development of solutions for improving crop production under drought-prone conditions.


Graeme Hammer, Conference Chair, University
of Queensland, Australia
Mark Cooper, Conference Deputy Chair,
University of Queensland, Australia
Maria Otegui, University Buenos Aires,
Ruilian Jing, CAAS, China
Francois Tardieu, INRA, France
Rajeev Varshney, ICRISAT, India
Matthew Reynolds, CIMMYT, Mexico
Amelia Henry, IRRI, Philippines
Adam Price, University of Aberdeen, UK
Renee Lafitte, Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation, USA
Roberto Tuberosa, University of Bologna,Italy


University of Queensland, Australia
Graeme Hammer, Conference Chair
Mark Cooper, Conference Deputy Chair

From CIMMYT Mexico
Aura Salinas: General Logistics
Barbara Maldonado: General Logistics
Geneviève Renard: Communications
Clyde Beaver: Communications

Marianne Bänziger: Overall Coordination
Hans-Joachim Braun: Overall Coordination
Matthew Reynolds: Field Day Program
Richard Fulss: Audio and Visual Equipment
Ricardo López: Digital Resources Platform
Roberto Rocha: Budget Oversight and


Rosalba Delgado: Field Day Logistics
Christal Gutiérrez: Legal