Droughts affect crop production across the world. A central challenge for researchers and policymakers is to devise technologies that lend greater resilience to agricultural production under this particular environmental stress.

Interdrought VII (IDVII), the first one on the African continent, is to continue the rich exchanges and debates that have characterized the previous editions of the conference, continuing on a very multi-disciplinary approach, keeping on a global view on drought issues.

While keeping a global perspective on drought, this first edition of Interdrought on the African soil intends to reflect on the issues around drought in an African / small holder context.

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The following program proposal will discuss the following domains:

  • Combating drought: A multi-dimensional challenge

  • Water access/ availability to drought

  • Increasing water use efficiency (crop focus)

  • Increasing the efficiency of water use with a farm system focus

  • Guiding decisions and reducing risks

  • Innovating to find solution to drought at scale in a gender-sensitive manner