Interdrought congress



As drought tolerance is a multidirnensional stress, drought tolerance study is a multidisciplinary adventure. In 1992, the network INTERDROUGHT was created with the objective of joining the scientists of the different fields of research involved in drought tolerance study. The network was funded by the EEC and gathered 25 European teams specialized in molecular biology, physiology and genetic. [...]




INTERDROUGHT-II follows the first INTERDROUGHT symposium held in 1995 in Montpellier, France, which provided an excellent platform for presenting, discussing and integrating results of both basic and applied research towards the development of solutions to crop production under drought-prone conditions. Despite the importance of drought as a major constraint in food production world-wide, no other major international symposium [...]




The 3rd International Conference on Integrated Approaches to Improve Crop Production under Drought-Prone Environment will be held in Shanghai, China on October 11-16, 2009. This conference aims to serve as a platform for presenting and debating key issues and strategies relevant for increasing the yield and stability of crops under drought conditions by genetic and crop management approaches. Shanghai [...]




Venue:  Perth, Western Australia Dates:  2 – 6 September 2013 Application deadline: 1 March 2013 Website: INTERDROUGHT is a major international Conference platform to debate key issues relevant for increasing the yield and stability of crops under drought conditions by genetic and crop management. Perth, Western Australia will host INTERDROUGHT IV from 2 to 6 September 2013. Objective The [...]




Drought is weather-related natural disaster, which affects vast regions for months or years and has impact on food production. Drought is related to a deficiency of precipitation over a season or an extended period of time. The most immediate consequence is a fall in crop production, due to inadequate and poorly distributed rainfall. Given the severity of drought, [...]




Interdrought 2020 is the sixth international congress (IDVI) of the Interdrought series that seeks to find solutions to increase agricultural and water productivity in a hotter and drier world. WELCOME TO INTERDROUGHT 2020 (IDVI) It is our pleasure to welcome you to the digital platform for the sixth Interdrought Congress (IDVI), which facilitates the development of concepts, methods [...]

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